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Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities for organizations and businesses wishing to participate in and support ISSA. Opportunities range from $500 – $5,000 for chapter programs, training, and the annual Triangle InfoSeCon Conference.

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  • Contact Sponsorship Director Robert Martin at sponsorships@raleighissa.org

Benefits of Partnering with Raleigh ISSA

  • 3000+ active contacts
  • 400+ active members
  • 150+ attendees at Monthly Meetings
  • Opportunities to align sponsorships with your business and target
  • Marketing, outreach and co-branding
  • Registered not-for-profit
  • Community participation and support
  • Outreach with sister organizations in three states


Agio’s holistic portfolio of services ensures we can manage your environment more effectively, while simultaneously protecting it from the inside out. Specifically, our infrastructure services include Remote Monitoring & Management, Hosted Solutions, End-User Services, as well as project-specific, solutions engineering IT Consulting; and then finally SkySuite—a special bundle of services for emerging firms. Our 360° approach to cybersecurity is comprised of Managed Security, programs tailored to specific markets, such as our SEC Cybersecurity Readiness Program, Agio PCI 360° and Health Care 360°, in addition to a wide range of Cybersecurity Consulting options.

Alert Logic

We provide Security-as-a-Service solutions that combine Cloud-based software and innovative analytics with expert services to assessdetect and block threats to applications and other workloads.  We also help you comply with mandates like PCI, HIPAA and SOX COBIT.  Protection extends to full stack of web application components and infrastructure to defend against a broad range of server-side threats — including hard-to-detect web application attacks such as SQL injection, path traversal and cross-site scripting.


The Internet of Things is emerging as one of the most significant developments of our time. Connecting people and things will be the new norm for consumers, but behind the scenes, IoT is transforming how enterprises develop, market, distribute and sell products. See all of BlackBerry’s Offerings


New devices join your network every hour. Unmanaged notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Internet of Things (IoT) devices of all shapes and sizes. Rogue endpoints. Servers. These devices significantly expand your attack surface yet are invisible to many security products.

ForeScout can see them, control them and orchestrate system-wide response.


Headquartered in London UK, Garrison has raised more than £16m to date from London investors including Touchstone Innovations and BGF.

Our existing customers are large organisations with tens of thousands of employees across sectors including banking, insurance, media, telco, law and government.


Infoblox puts you in command over this shifting landscape in ways you won’t find anywhere else. We empower you to overcome any networking obstacles you face today—and down the road.

InfoSec Institute

Unlike other training companies that have been founded by non-technical business persons, InfoSec Institute deeply understands the needs of today’s IT professionals and is best positioned to offer world class training. Our wide range of security specific classes and enterprise security awareness and phishing training helps a diverse group of customers get the training they need and deserve.

ISSA Member Special Offer from InfoSec Institute


InNet partners with customers to design, deploy, and support a full suite of advanced technology solutions focusing upon enterprise and mid-market IT organizations and assisting in regards to networks, information security, business continuity, storage, cloud migration, virtualization and performance monitoring. As one of the most trusted solution providers in the Central and Eastern USA, InNet brings many years of valuable experience from a myriad of customer perspectives working with leading enterprise and corporate customers to deliver technology that meets business objectives.


Rapid7 transforms data into insight, empowering IT and security professionals to progress and protect their organizations. How? Our solutions are powered by advanced analytics and an unmatched understanding of the attacker mindset.

T&T Creative Group

Can prospects easily find you on Google?  Do your prospects clearly understand your services?  T&T Creative Group helps companies with both of those issues by offering full scale digital marketing solutions.  Our services range from video campaigns to SEO development and more.


Tanium. See the Truth. Act with confidence. Ask your question in plain English. Think of us as Google-like search for your IT data. Know what is happening right now across all of your endpoints (even the ones you didn’t know about). In 15 seconds. Act Change all impacted endpoints as needed.

Trend Micro

For nearly 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is our entire focus, and it shows. This single-minded passion has inspired our innovations that keep up with the bad guys despite a changing IT landscape, riskier user behavior, and constantly evolving threats.

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