Raleigh ISSA Chapter Volunteer Positions

We are excited to have the support of the Raleigh ISSA Chapter Members, one of the most active ISSA chapters in the world. There are always positions for members interested in supporting roles during the chapter meetings, helping with education, career services, and serving in leadership roles. See the positions below and check back as more roles become available.

The Raleigh ISSA Chapter’s goal is to enhance the skills of members to thrive in a connected vulnerable world. As the skills of the Raleigh ISSA Chapter members improve we can increase the impact of security our members provide.  Every day we make a difference, from teaching classes, volunteering time, innovating in our jobs, and teamwork.

At Raleigh ISSA you can make an impact in your local community.  Join a community of highly motivated and successful individuals.

Volunteer Recognition

Meet some of the volunteers who help make the Raleigh ISSA Chapter a great resource for Security Professionals.

Team member image
Elizabeth Cole-Walker

Team member image
Debra Taylor

Team member image
Alex Williams