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Hi, My name is Dave Greenlee I work for DOD, and I came down here to InfoSec to check out some of the new technologies, see some of the new processes. It’s a really great experience, I recommend any Security Personnel either looking for a job, trying to move up to the next level or stay in the game to come down here and check it out.  Great experience, love Raleigh, love the Triangle.  Come on down and check it out. – Dave Greenlee

This is my second year at this conference, and I really enjoy it for the overview it gives me.  I returned to hear a speech by a lawyer interpreting the highlights of infosecurity law for the past year and I’m about to go hear the FBI give a talk!  I don’t have time to follow every last piece of new headlines about cyber security, but I can come here once a year and get it all. – Anna Smith

Hello, I am Brad Griffin, Senior Security Engineer Presales for LightCyber.  We are here at the conference, and we are enjoying it. The quality of people, the traffic coming through, we are getting some great questions, we plan to be here next year.  I am here working with my regional sales manager Steve Costello, and we are enjoying the conference and look forward to some fruit coming from our labors. – Brad Griffin

I’d just like to say on behalf of Tweens and Technology that the InfoSeCon 2016 has been absolutely amazing.  This is a great opportunity for us.  We were able to meet tons of potential volunteers and just spread the word about what we are trying to do in the community.  Thank You InfoSeCon for inviting us we definitely want to come back next year.  We look forward to making the community a better place with you. – Tweens and Technology

We had a great day at InfoSeCon saw a lot of great people always good to be out and see the individuals in the area and lots of great questions. It was great to get our name out there and have some good conversations with the cyber security people here in Raleigh. – Krista Jones