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A developer’s introduction to FIDO2

August 29, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


FIDO2, an authentication protocol from the FIDO Alliance, maybe one of the most significant developments in nearly a quarter-century; its aim? To eliminate passwords off the internet. As simple as it is designed to be for end-users, it is also one of the most complex authentication technologies web and mobile application developers are going to run into given the threats it is anticipated to mitigate.

Join us to hear Arshad Noor introduce FIDO2, its terminology, architecture, benefits, and most importantly, how it impacts new applications versus legacy applications. We suggest you bring along some of your SecOps colleagues to this session, so they and you leave with a similar understanding of what’s coming down the road.


Arshad Noor is the CTO of StrongKey, a Durham, NC, and Cupertino, CA company focused on data protection solutions since 2001. He has been working in the IT sector for over 32 years, with the last 20 spent protecting sensitive data through the use of applied cryptography, namely strong authentication, encryption, digital signatures, and cryptographic key management. He has created many open-source software components and products, published articles in a variety of journals and spoken on the subject of data protection through the use of cryptography in conferences around the world. As an active member of the FIDO Alliance since 2014, Arshad strives to bring next-generation strong authentication technology to the masses through his company’s open-source FIDO Certified server. He was recently appointed to the HIMSS Cybersecurity, Privacy and Security Committee, and the newly formed CA Government Operations Agency’s Blockchain Working Group. Arshad is also an active participant in the Forbes Technology Council where he hopes to affect change through better communication resources, higher visibility, and peer feedback.


August 29, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


2121 RDU Center Drive, 4th Floor
Morrisville, NC us