Raleigh ISSA Supports new Tech Program for 5th Graders

Tweens & Technology - Bridging the Technology Gap

A new technology program recently launched by our sponsor T&T Creative Group called "Tweens & Technology".

The mission of this new technology club is to help close the gap among children in elementary school so they are adequately prepared to participate in the various technology clubs and electives as they advance to higher grades.

T&T Creative Group aligned with Smith Magnet Elementary School for the week of February 22nd to initiate this one week after school program.

They will be expanding this program across both Wake & Johnston counties as they continue to align with the right partners and solidify the best curriculum possible.

Our very own Robert Martin joined them Friday February 26th to show the kids how to properly take care of their computers.  He also explained the components involved and showed how they work.

This inaugural group of kids consisted of fourteen 5th graders at Smith Magnet Elementary school in Raleigh, NC.  Each student was shocked to find out that they were receiving their very own computers yesterday and happily took them home to keep!  The computers were donated by the Franciscan School of Raleigh while the keyboards and mice were donated by the Kramden Institute in Durham, NC.

T&T Creative Group Logo

We look forward to helping T&T Creative Group grow this program to reach more children!

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