2017 Directing Board

The 2017 Board of Directors and Support Teams include:

Vice President:
Conference Director:
Education Director:
Communications Director:
Digital Media Director:
Sponsorship Director:
Mark Whitteker  president@raleighissa.org
Chuck Kesler       vp@raleighissa.org
Mark Fontes         treasurer@raleighissa.org
Nathan Kim        secretary@raleighissa.org
De'von Carter       conference@raleighissa.org
Don Elsner       education@raleighissa.org
Greg Handerhan   communications@raleighissa.org
Derrick Thompson    web@raleighissa.org
Robert Martin sponsorships@raleighissa.org


Board Support Teams

Career Support Director:
Career Services Director:
Chapter Historian:
Communications Support Director:
Conference Deputy Director:
Conference Operations Director:
Conference Program Director:
Education Deputy Director:
Member Development Director:
NCHS Cyber Patriot Director:
NCSU Student Liaison Officer:
Regional Outreach Director:
Tom Purdy
Laura Keyte
Terry Bogan
Peter Hewett
Dave Balint
Robert Pitney
Andre Henry
Eric Hoth
Daniel C. Eckert
Jim Duncan
Mike Parsons


Raleigh ISSA thanks our past presidents

President Emeritus:
President Emeritus:
President Emeritus:
President Emeritus:
Robert Martin
Brad Hoelscher
Steve Toy
Chip Kelly